Chinese Martial Arts Foshan Wing Chun, Shaolin Seven Star Mantis, Taijiquan

The World of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts 

Shaolin Seven Star Mantis Kung Fu

Mantis Kung Fu

The Northern Shaolin Seven Star Mantis Kung Fu Logo. Member of the International Lee Kam Wing Seven Star Mantis Association 

Election Certificate

Elected Vice President of the International Lee Kam Wing Seven Star Mantis Association

Grading Certficate

Graded Tenth Degree Master Level by Grandmaster Lee Kam Wing 

Mantis Locking Hands

The deadly locking hands of the traditional Mantis style

Closed Door Diciples

Derek Frearson and Malcolm Franklin Eighth Generation Disciples of Grandmaster Lee Kam Wing 

Taking the Oath

Taking the Oath of allegiance to our Grandmaster Lee Kam Wing and to our directline back to our founder in the Shaolin Temple 

Yang Style Taijiquan Tai Chi Chuan

Ou RongJu Zhirou Neijia Association Foshan China

Following the teachings of Grandmaster Ou Rongju

Letter of Appointment

This is to certify that Mr. Hengxin HUO  (Derek Frearson) employed as the Director of the Soft / powerful Boxing Club of Rongju, Foshan, and Counseling Station Chief, UK for a term of 4 years. Soft Boxing Club of Rongju, Foshan  

Grandmaster Ou Rong Ju

With Grandmaster Ou Rongju Foshan China early Nineties 


  Chinese Martial Arts Grandmaster Ou Rongju. In His Lifetime Grandmaster Ou studied Many Chinese Martial Arts Styles. In the old city of Foshan.  Foshan Wing Chun Birthplace 

A Lovley Dinner

Relaxing with Grandmaster Ou Rongju, after dinner photo

Ou Rongju Association

Training in the park with Grandmaster Ou RongJu Foshan China  1993

Foshan Wing Chun Kung Fu

Lun Gai Foshan Wing Chun Association

With the permission of Grandmaster Lun Gai I formed the International Lun Gai Foshan Wing Chun Association in  2004  

Ving Tsun Athletic Association Hong Kong

Senior Instructors Certificate 

Foshan Ip Man Wing Chun Museum

Sifu Derek Frearson is a honorary  Chairman of the Foshan Ip Man Wing Chun Museum

World Wing Chun Union Hong Kong

Lun Gai Foshan Wing Chun Association is Registered as a Corporate member.

Branches in : United Kingdom, USA, Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic, South Africa. France, Greece.  

Ving Tsun Athletic Association Book

A page from the Ip Man Ving Tsun Genealogy book published in 2005.

Grandmaster Lun Gai lists his students 

Foshan China

In the home of Grandmaster Lun Gai, an interview with a local newspaper 


Grandmaster Lee Kam Wing

Ba Duan Jin Qigong

18 Lo Hon Qigong

18 Lo Hon Qigong with Grandmaster Lee Kam Wing in France 

Nei Yang Gong

Nei Yang Qigong seminar in Spain by Sifu Derek Frearson

Nei Yang Qigong

Nei Yang Qigong seminar  Spain  by Sifu Derek Frearson

Master Zhou Li

Nei Yang Qigong coach in China

Grandmaster Lee Kam Wing

18 Lo Hon Qigong with Grandmaster Lee Kam Wing in France 

Lion Dance

Lion Dance Arts

Weddngs, corporate events, new business opening, birthday, cultural events, summer shows, carnivals. school workshops. add colour to your events

Chinese New Year

Happy times

Lion Dance

Lion Dance and Chinese crackers in a performance for Chinese new year.

Lion Dance for all Occasions

Musicians accompany the lion.

Foshan China

The illustrious lion bringing good luck to the opening of a new Kung Fu school.

Looking Stern

The Lion dancers demonstrate many moods and emotions during the dance